Rug Cleaning – Rug Repairing

Persian hand rug wash

Rug Cleaning

We clean and sanitize any and all types of rugs. This includes smell and everyday dirt removal.
rug repairing sydney

Rug Repair

We repair any type of rugs . Specially Silk rugs, Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs, Turkish Rugs and Kelim
rug underlay sydney

Rug Pad

Thin rugs are too light and therefore they usually move around when we walk on them
frunge repairing sydney

Rug Fringe Repairing

The fringe is the first sign of damage to a rug, and if fixed immediately can stop impairment to the rest of the rug.
rug urine treatment

Urine Treatment

You might be thinking that how can i get rid of the smell of dog’s urine of my rugs?
carpet overlocking sydney

Rug and Carpet Overlocking

After using long time , usually , rugs start to get damage

The list of rugs we work with:

Rug Cleaning and Repairing Services available for Silk rugs, Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs, Turkish Rugs and Kelim, Woollen Rugs, Machine made Rugs, shag pile rugs. Besides these, we also work with other hand and machine made rugs as well.

Handmade rugs:

There are many hand woven rugs available in Sydney

  1.  Persian Rugs (Tabriz, Kashan,Bakhtiari, Kerman, Afshar, Quom, Isfahan, Baluch, Mashhad, Nain, Shiraz, Persian Kilim and many more)
  2. Turkish Rugs(Anatolian Rug, Hereke Rug , Kurdish Rug, Bergama Rug, konya Rug, Ushak Rug, Milas Rug,  and many more)
  3. Afghan Rugs( Afghan Tabriz, Mamluk, Farahan, Kazak, Bidjar, Mahal, Kuba, Pazyryk, Karadja, Khotan and many more)
  4. Pakistani Rugs(Pakistani Chubi, Bokhara, Jaldar, Prayer Rug, Butterfly, Gabbeh rug, Caucasian, Shalimar and many more)
  5.  Nepal Rugs
  6. Turkish kilim
  7. Silk Rugs
  8. Wool Rugs
  9. Moroccan Rug
  10. Chines Rug
  11. Indian Rugs, Kashmiri rugs and other countries handmade rugs

Machine made rugs:

In machine made collections there are many types of rugs made from different countries.

  1. Modern/contemporary rugs
  2. Cotton back woollen rugs
  3. Traditional/tribal design rugs
  4. Sisal/natural fibres/jute/cotton rugs
  5. Shaggy/fairy rugs , Flokarti rugs
  6. Nakshi Katha and Kids rugs
  7. Acrylic/polypropylene rugs
  8. Hallway runners
  9. Door mats
  10. Skin rugs
  11. Micro fibre rugs
  12. Lounge rugs,Area rugs,Dining rugs,Living room rugs,Outdoor rugs and other machine made rugs.